To inculcate resilience and socially competent attitude among youths.


U Heart 2022 by nEbO & Young NTUC

nEbO’s Life-Ready equips youths with life-essential skills and giving back to the community.

Our youths have touched the hearts of many in Singapore's community throughout the years. We have regular youth-led initiatives to interact with seniors online, organise fun activities for the less privileged children, and even baking for the seniors to celebrate the festive season!

nEbO x Young NTUC U Heart, held in collaboration with NTUC Income aims to leave a deeper, lasting impact on the lives of a diverse group of beneficiaries through a series of youth-initiated do-good projects. We hope to encourage youths to organise more skill-based volunteering projects to promote volunteerism. 


Lifestyle & Interest Groups


Have a passion for something? Join us now as we provide different platforms, opportunities, and a community of like-minded individuals to learn and hone your skills together!

  • Music Interest Group
  • Photography Interest Group
  • Esports Interest Group

Don't see your choice of activity on our list? Contact our advisor Samantha at for more information.


Interest Groups