16 Apr 2016

nEbO is Committed to Nurturing Singapore Youths and Grooming Future Leaders

Acting Minister for Education, Mr Ong Ye Kung celebrates youth achievements and motivates other youths to follow in their footsteps and create their own defining moments at nEbO’s Spirit of Youth Awards

Singapore, 16 April 2016 – A total of 10 individual and team awards were presented by Guest of Honour Mr Ong Ye Kung, Acting Minister for Education (Higher Education and Skills) and Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Defence, to 54 youth leaders whose achievements were recognised at nEbO’s annual Spirit of Youth Awards (SOYA) today at Downtown East, D’Marquee.

SOYA was attended by over 400 guests and is the culmination of a rigorous four-month process of judging and evaluation from the 160 selected youth award nominees. Now in its sixth year, SOYA not only recognise contributions by nEbO youths, but also serve to inspire and motivate youths to boldly create possibilities and make a positive difference in the youth community in Singapore. Please refer to Annex A for a full list of award categories and winners.

“As a community for the youth, by the youth, our members play an important role in our success. Since our launch in 2007, nEbO have groomed a total of 1,000 youth leaders, ensuring continual leadership renewal within the community. These leaders have moved from being just participants to activist, and some of whom are alumni, act as mentors to the younger leaders. We are committed to invest and develop our youths potential and successfully groom future leaders who will contribute back to society,” Mr Lim Eng Lee, NTUC Alignment Director (nEbO).

As part of its mission to nurture and groom future leaders in Singapore, nEbO has identified leadership development and Work-Ready initiatives as its two key areas of focus. Aptly called nEbO LEAD (Lead, Engage and Develop), nEbO’s leadership framework allows nEbO to identify potential leaders from tertiary institutions who can contribute at the community level for the Labour Movement.

Besides targeting tertiary institutions, nEbO has also approached several secondary schools to forge a partnership by offering various engagement platforms for youths to develop personal, social and leadership skills to help them deal with the challenges of adolescence. In collaboration with Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group, nEbO launched its first ever leadership programme for secondary school students – LEAD Junior, last December.

In 2015, more than 90 community events and activities had been organised by nEbO members and about half of these were events conceptualised and carried out by the nEbO youths themselves. These youth-initiated projects enable nEbO youths to better prepare themselves on the independency and responsibility of being workers of tomorrow through the development of competencies and skills.

One example of a youth-initiated project that clinched the ‘Team of Versatility Award’ this year is the Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium (YES) 2015. This ‘Team of Versatility Award’ recognises a team that best performs the five qualities nEbO develops in their youths – Creativity, Leadership, Adaptability, Competence and Resourcefulness. Made up of members from the five polytechnics in Singapore – Singapore Polytechnic, Temasek Polytechnic, Nanyang Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Republic Polytechnic, the winning team of 15 youths organised an initiative to promote and encourage youth entrepreneurship – Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium (YES) 2015. YES 2015 had over 460 young budding entrepreneurs from various Junior Colleges, Polytechnics and Institutes of Technical Education (ITE) across Singapore whom participated in a three-day symposium where youths had the opportunity to network and interact with successful entrepreneurs, as well as prepare them with skills that can come into use when setting up their own business.

Besides pushing youths to excel academically, nEbO understands the importance of building character, the right attitude and to expose youths to real-work experience, for them to get Work-Ready, World-Ready and Life-Ready for their future.

A team member from the YES 2015 youth committee as well as a winner of the EXCEL Award this year is Mr Toh Lip An. The EXCEL award is given to outstanding leaders who inspire their peers and other nEbOians. Upon joining nEbO in 2014, 20-year-old Lip An from Singapore Polytechnic turned his passion into action and took up more entrepreneurship projects and also roped in his peers to be involved in the Entrepreneurship Community.

“In 2015, I was given an opportunity to participate in one of nEbO’s outdoor leadership programme – LEAD, where we were given first-hand experience from building personal skills to being effective team players. The LEAD programme has certainly benefitted me by equipping me with the knowledge and skills needed to be a leader and to initiate and organise large-scale events,“ said Mr Toh Lip An, youth leader in nEbO’s Entrepreneurship Community.

Moving forward, nEbO will continue to work closely with our members to tailor programmes for them as well as with existing and new training partners and organisation to enhance the leadership programme.




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Annex A: Winners for nEbO Spirit of Youth Awards 2016
Team Awards

Inspiration of Tomorrow
To reward teams or projects that shows the potential to excel to serve as an inspiration for others to work towards their target.

Touch a Heart with Nature

(Sim Tian Hui, Phoebe Leam Xin Ni, Darren Lim Zhong Cheng, Shirly Poh Xue Li, Clarice Pohan, Nur Rasyidah Bte Zaharudin)

Blaze of Passion
To reward teams who are very committed and show their support towards nEbO by actively participating and contributing in nEbO events.

Singers Unite

(Cheong Waii Hoong, Boon Hui Lu, Tiara Maimun Bte Iskandar, Princess Jean Bataller Kyaw, Vizmanos James Rainier Posadas, Tan Kellyn, Justin Chua Ning Xuan)

Initiatives of Extraordinaire
To award outstanding ad-hoc projects initiated by the youths that best reached out to masses at large with a significant impact.

World Learner Student Exchange Programme 2015

 (Lim Li Khee, Gaines Goh, Jolyn Moh, Loraine Ng Wan Ting)

Strength of Unity
To reward teams that demonstrates the gist of team spirit by displaying great teamwork when working in events and activities of nEbO

Bowling Interest Group

(Chua Yun Cong, Choo Wee Min, Jacob Lim, Shaun Lim, Tay Kun Long, Calista Tan, Adam Lim, Low Sun Yoong)

Team of Versatility
To award teams thatbest perform the five qualities of youths- Creativity, Vibrancy, Idealism, Dedication & Leadership during participation of nEbO activities.

Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium (YES) 2015

 (Lye Zheng Bin James, Lee Wei Lin Sam, Harmon Chow Tze Yang, Sim Shi Rong, Teo Jian Rong, Ron Tan Zi Kai, Ng Chwin Chi, A.Navinthiran S/O Assathamby, Wong Jing Yi, Yu Shibin, Lim Yuan Yi, U Mohamed Khalid, Muhammad Hanafi Bin Sedik, Tay Jia Min, Toh Lip An, Yap Xin Hui)

Respective team representative are highlighted in bold

Individual Awards

Young Achiever Award
To recognise, reward and nurture inspiring youth leaders who make a significant positive difference and greatest possible impact in their communities

Tiara Maimun Bte Iskandar

St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School

To award outstanding leaders and aim to inspire other nEbOians

Toh Lip An

Singapore Polytechnic


Loraine Ng Wan Ting

Temasek Polytechnic


Yukie Tan Xue Hui

Temasek Polytechnic

Special Commendation Award
A special award to commend individual for his/her achievements and outstanding contributions to nEbO who continues serving as a mentoring role to the fellow nEbOians

Poh Yong Shun

Republic Polytechnic


Angela Tay

National University of Singapore

Alumni Award
To commend individual for his/her achievements and invaluable contribution to nEbO

Lau Tsin Ning

Graduate of Nanyang Technological University


Yeo Luoqi

Graduate of Murdoch University


Youw Jia Qi Evon

Graduate of University of Nevada Las Vegas Singapore


Boon Hui Lu

Graduate of Nanyang Technological University


Vera Soh Xiao-Xian

Graduate of National University of Singapore


Cheng Kai Li Kelly

Graduate of National University of Singapore


Tan Yan Ning

Graduate of Singapore Management University

Best Recruiter Award
To recognise the most dedicated recruiter who has helped to actively recruit the most nEbO members with enthusiasm

Teo Lay Hoon

Nanyang Polytechnic


Partner Awards


Corporate Partner Award
To recognise corporate partners / social enterprises who contribute value towards nEbO projects

Zalora Singapore


NTUC Care & Share


Singapore National Co-operative Federation



Educational Institution Partner Award
To recognise institutional partners who contribute value towards nEbO projects

Springfield Secondary School


West Spring Secondary School


ITE College East


National University of Singapore – Business  School


Ngee Ann Polytechnic – School of Business & Accountancy


Republic Polytechnic – School of Business and Communication

Best Supporting Union Award
To recognise the union who recruits the most number of nEbO members for the recruitment programme and support in at least one of nEbO event

Singapore Industrial & Services Employees Union (SISEU)

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