18 Apr 2015

nEbO’s Spirit of Youth Awards 2015 launches SG50 publication and honours outstanding youths

Singapore, 18 April 2015 – Amid the neon party at Sentosa Wavehouse, the Labour Movement’s youth community, nEbO, presented awards in recognition of its youth leaders at the nEbO Spirit of Youth Awards 2015. The award ceremony was attended by Guest of Honour, Minister for Education, Mr Heng Swee Keat, who encouraged the youths to continue to have a positive impact on society and inspire others to do good.

Spirit of Youth Awards 2015

This is the fifth year nEbO is holding the Spirit of Youth Awards, an annual ceremony which recognises the admirable contributions of nEbO youths the past year. More than 550 youths and

guests were present this evening to applaud the winners and enjoy a neon party.

Over the past year, more than 100 community events and activities had been organised by nEbO members. About half of these were events conceptualised and carried out by the nEbO youths themselves. A total of five team Awards and five individual Awards were given out tonight, alongside partner awards to thank organisations for their support of nEbO initiatives throughout the year. (Please refer to Annex A for a list of Awards and winners)

One winner was nEbO’s CAREturn, which won the Blaze of Passion award. CAREturn is one of nEbO’s longest-running interest group. This team is made up of volunteers who have the heart and passion for volunteering work and events. Their vision is to “encourage volunteerism spirit among the youth”. They have organised Care events during nEbO's W.I.S.H. 2014 – Smiles for Fortune, With Love, We Care, Sunkidz Saturday, 关怀心世界, engaging more than 130 volunteers.

These youths all have inspiring and interesting stories to share, and as Singapore turns 50 this year, nEbO has compiled their stories into a lively publication as a tribute to our nation.

Launch of SG50 publication, “Singapore Turns 50! My Story. Our Aspirations. One Heartbeat.”

Written by nEbO youth leaders and activists, this publication is divided into sections “Nice”, “Expressive”, “Bold”, and “Original”, which forms the acronym nEbO. In it, 50 nEbO youths share their learning experiences and personal stories on how their work and aspirations contribute to a brighter Singapore.

In the “Original” section, Ms Angela Tay, chairperson of Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium (YES): The Epilogue, talks about how nEbO prepares youth members to be Work-Ready.

“In 2012, I worked with a team of 20 youths to give about 400 junior college students an insight to entrepreneurship. We connected with young successful entrepreneurs to put together this Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium (YES). It was definitely an eye-opener for young people like us to hear their creative ideas and alternative perspectives,” said Ms Tay.

She went on to organise YES: The Epilogue, which reconnected past years’ YES participants for sharing and networking sessions, with 11 guest speakers from different entrepreneurship backgrounds. This event was attended by more than 70 participants, many of whom became young entrepreneurs after being inspired by the speakers and mentors from YES.

Angela herself is one of the winners of the EXCEL Award, which awards outstanding leaders who inspire their peers and other nEbOians. Passionate about helping others, especially the less fortunate, she is also actively involved in cross community events within nEbO. She takes part in Care community events such as nEbO's W.I.S.H. 2014, Food Rations Distribution, and many more. She also took on a leadership role in the World Learner Student Exchange Programme 2014 where she encouraged like-minded youths like herself to volunteer and give back to the society.

“It is heartening to see our nEbO youths today – passionate and dedicated, playing an active role in giving back to society. nEbO cares for our members and we want to equip them with the life skills to be Work-Ready, World-Ready and Life-Ready. We expose them to issues in society, such as fair workplace practices. We also provide opportunities and platforms for them to grow and develop their individual potential. As we look back at our pioneers’ achievements this SG50, we can look forward with confidence too because our youths’ aspirations and hard work will continue to contribute to a better Singapore in the next 50 years to come,” said Ms Lim Kay Min, Director, Community Engagement & Membership, NTUC Club.

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About nEbO

nEbO, a community for youths aged between 12 and 25 years, is the junior membership arm of NTUC. Set up on 07.07.07, nEbO aims to create a community of Work-Ready, World-Ready and Life-Ready youths by providing a platform for youths to develop and realise their potential through interest communities that include Music & Events, Sports, Care, Gaming, Lifestyle and Entrepreneurship. Through nEbO, an emotional connection with youths can be nurtured and sustained, leading to a naturalised relationship with NTUC when they enter the workforce.

As a vibrant community of youths, nEbO believes in learning by aspiration and leading by inspiration. With more than 90,000 youths joining the nEbO family, nEbO is on its way to be the largest local youth community and in a strong position to contribute to youth development in Singapore.

For upcoming exciting nEbO events, please visit


About NTUC Club

Established in 1986 as the entertainment and leisure arm of National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), NTUC Club is a Social Enterprise (SE) of the Labour Movement, committed to the social mission of doing more for working families in the areas of work, live and play.

NTUC Club continues to reinvent itself to offer exciting union-centric promotions and programmes and today is one of the largest lifestyle providers in Singapore. Its key properties include Downtown East (DE), an integrated lifestyle and recreational destination, which caters to the wide interests of modern youths and families by bringing exciting activities and fun facilities under one roof. The infrastructure of DE has also been assessed to be disabled-friendly by the Disabled People’s Association (DPA). 

DE, which received the ‘We Welcome Families Excellence Award’ in 2013, is home to popular water park, Wild Wild Wet. The DE landscape also includes entertainment and leisure centre E!hub which features a cinema, Orchid Bowl and eXplorerkid – one of Singapore’s largest indoor family playgrounds. A second centre of eXplorerkid was opened to better serve families and children and eXplorerkid @ AMK Hub was also awarded the ‘We Welcome Families Achiever Award’ in 2013.

Other properties operated by NTUC Club include the popular holiday venues, the resorts at Downtown East and Sentosa, and four clubhouses (Union Square, Scarlet City, Happy Days and Jest D’Place).

NTUC Club also leads the efforts of engaging three communities of the Labour Movement – nEbO, the junior membership arm of NTUC, U Live, for active agers 55 years old and above, and U Sports.

Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Quebec Leisure International, NTUC Club also produces and manages events for both union members and the public.

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Annex A: Winners for nEbO Spirit of Youth Awards 2015
Team Awards

Inspiration of Tomorrow
To reward teams or projects that shows the potential to excel to serve as an inspiration for others to work towards their target.

A.L.I.F.E. (Tan Jing Sheng Tony, Chan Yin Xi, Lim Hein Yee Gabriel, Aw Zheng Xu Ethan, Man Jing Yi, Chu Pei Jing)

Strength of Unity
To reward teams that demonstrates the gist of team spirit by displaying great teamwork when working in events and activities of nEbO

Team Standing Strong (Poh Yong Shun, Oh Ki Yee Jasmine, Toh Zheng Xun Douglas, Lim Zheng En Benjamin)

Blaze of Passion
To reward teams who are very committed and show their support towards nEbO by actively participating and contributing in nEbO events.

CAREturn (Cheng Kai Li Kelly, Lim Lay Min Elaine, Tan Yan Ning, Low Kai Ling, Lim Li Khee, Cheng Rue Ting, Poh Kok Leong, Ngoh Peng Yu Clarence, Lau Tsin Ning, Ng Wan Ting Loraine)

Team of Versatility
To award teams thatbest perform the five qualities of youths- Creativity, Vibrancy, Idealism, Dedication & Leadership during participation of nEbO activities.

YES: The Epilogue (Tay Hui Min Angela, Lee Yew Wee Frederick, Yeo ZI Ren Wilson, Fan Tai Soon, Chan Wen JUN, Julian Neo, Ang Hui Sian Stephanie)

Initiatives of Extraordinaire
To award outstanding ad-hoc projects initiated by the youths that best reached out to masses at large with a significant impact.

May Day 2014 (Goh Jia Jun Gaines, Ng Wan Ting Loraine, Wong Wei Xiang Javier, Tay Hui Min Angela, Poh Yong Shun, Toh Zheng Xun Douglas, Low Kai Ling)

Respective team leaders are highlighted in bold
Individual Awards

Young Achiever Award
To recognise, reward and nurture inspiring youth leaders who make a significant positive difference and greatest possible impact in their communities

Lim Jia Jia

To award outstanding leaders and aim to inspire other nEbOians

Boon Hui Lu

Poh Yong Shun

Douglas Toh Zheng Xun

Tay Hui Min Angela

Special Commendation Award
A special award to commend individual for his/her achievements and outstanding contributions to nEbO who continues serving as a mentoring role to the fellow nEbOians

Farah Erfina Bte Mohd

Lim Li Khee

Clarence Ngoh Peng Yu

Alumni Award
To commend individual for his/her achievements and invaluable contribution to nEbO

Kayleen Ang Shu Mei

Chua Cai Bei

Lim Lay Min Elaine

Tay Jia Xiang Sebastian

Tay Qian Tong Stephanie

Sam Yeo Wen Ming

Zhou Zhen Jie


Best Recruiter Award
To recognise the most dedicated recruiter who has helped to actively recruit the most nEbO members with enthusiasm

Jeslyn Woon Sook Xing

Partner Awards

Corporate Partner Award
To recognise corporate partners / social enterprises who contribute value towards nEbO projects

NTUC FairPrice Foundation
Ong Teng Cheong Labour Leadership Institute
Orchid Country Club
Timbre Group

Educational Institution Partner Award
To recognise institutional partners who contribute value towards nEbO projects

Edgefield Secondary School
Yio Chu Kang Secondary School
ITE College Central
TMC Academy

Best Supporting Union Award
To recognise the union who recruits the most number of nEbO members for the recruitment programme and support in at least one of nEbO event

Singapore Airlines Staff Union


Annex B: Selected profiles

Young Achiever Awardee – Lim Jia Jia, 15, Yio Chu Kang Secondary School


Jia Jia joined nEbO through a Values in Action programme with Yio Chu Kang Secondary School at the young age of 13. Her passion in wanting to contribute back to the society and bringing joy to others have made her more outstanding than her fellow peers of the same age.


She has proven to be a good leader by spearheading Care community events in nEbO's W.I.S.H. 2014. She organised one of the Food Rations Distribution activity, in which she led 23 youth volunteers in packing and distributing food rations, reaching out to more than 20 low-income families. Aside from that, she participates in numerous care events such as Saving Mother Earth and L.O.V.E. for a Good Cause.


Through these activities and many more, Jia Jia has displayed her confidence and leadership in leading her peers and even volunteers who were older than her. Her hard work and effort put into organising these events not only helped the beneficiaries but also impacted her fellow juniors who were inspired by her to do good.


Jia Jia firmly believes that “Kindness comes in many forms, but always from the heart!”

EXCEL Awardee - Boon Hui Lu, 22, Undergraduate of Nanyang Technological University

Hui Lu’s talent for singing did not happen by chance, her singing career took flight since she joined Victoria Junior College’s choir and started taking singing lessons at Ocean Butterflies Music school.  She then continued to search for different opportunities to perform and has found it with nEbO.

She began singing for nEbO since 2012, and from then on she never looked back. Through the years, Hui Lu was given opportunities to showcase her singing talents and took part in different competitions like U Fame 2013 and the nEbO-SWITCH collaboration, ENCORE, in which she emerged as the top 6.

Aside from singing, Hui Lu has a strong interest in Care community events and in working with autistic children. During her school breaks, she volunteers in Pathlight School. She spearheaded an event, Magic Kidz, during nEbO’s W.I.S.H. 2014 to teach autistic children from Metta School magic. This involved more than 20 volunteers and 25 children.

An advocate of bringing joy to people through singing, Hui Lu always makes the effort to perform for the less privileged in our society, in addition to her busy schedule of school work and competitions.

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