16 Sep 2014

nEbO’s Care efforts opens Kindness Space in Shan You Wellness Community

13 September 2014


  1. Shan You Wellness Community opened its Kindness Space today with the donations and efforts of nEbO, a youth community driven by NTUC Club. nEbO raised $300,000 for Shan You Wellness Community and presented them with this fund in January this year.

  2. The newly opened Kindness Space features "Kindness Oasis"- a space for children and youth to drop in after school to revise in a quiet environment. It also has a storage space for the food ration distribution service – a programme that supports 300 families in financial difficulties by supplying groceries and food items to them.

  3. The rest of the funds were used for "Kindness Surprise" - a recycling programme that includes selling pre-loved items and appliances at affordable prices during a monthly Charity Bazaar and workshops on recycling.

  4. “We are truly honoured and happy that the proceeds from L.O.V.E. can help Shan You Counselling Centre set up the Kindness Space. We hope that more people can come forward to donate their time or money, and support such good causes. We also wish that this L.O.V.E. message can continue to spread and benefit the less fortunate in society,” said Miss Kelly Cheng, the chairperson of the Living On the Very Edge (L.O.V.E.) youth committee.

  5. Initiated in August 2012, the L.O.V.E. movement aims to raise awareness for those who are less fortunate and to encourage youths to appreciate the things they have. Through the L.O.V.E. movement, nEbO raised funds for various beneficiaries including Shan You Counselling Centre, the Singapore Red Cross Society and Family Life Centre by selling L.O.V.E. wristbands - an orange wristband inscribed with the words of the movement ‘Living On the Very Edge’. To date, more than 25,000 wristbands had been sold at $2 each, and NTUC Club pledged $20 for every wristband sold in support of L.O.V.E.

  6. “L.O.V.E. is one of nEbO’s Life-Ready initiatives under its Care community which hopes to instill a sense of social responsibility among youths and spark their passion for volunteerism. It’s heartening to see the growth and success of this Care community because we believe that doing community work and caring for the less fortunate is part of a holistic youth development,” said Mr Lim Eng Lee, Alignment Director for nEbO and Chief Operating Officer of NTUC Club.

  7. Taking a collaborative approach, nEbO continues to work with Shan You Wellness Community to serve the needs of the less fortunate. nEbO members have been assisting with the packing and delivery of food rations to families every two months and have helped in the set-up of the thrift shop. They will also be volunteering Singaporeans, in particular, children from low-income families.

  8. “Our goal is to strengthen emotional wellness and social support by providing social services to assist the socially and economically disadvantaged residents. The contribution by nEbO has brought about this Kindness Space and this continues to go a long way in helping us lighten the load of needy families. We look forward to our continuing partnership with nEbO, and working together with their youths to serve the needs of our community,” said Ms Aloka Quah, Executive Director of Shan You Counselling Centre.

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