14 Oct 2014

nEbO ‘Thank Your Intern Day’ drives awareness of quality internship and workplace rights

10 October 2014

1. This is the second year that members of nEbO, the junior membership arm of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), is holding Thank Your Intern Day (TYID). This youth social movement aims to educate the interns on their workplace rights and to increase awareness among employers that interns are potential assets to their organisations. This starts off with an outreach event on 10 October at Raffles Place.

2. Helmed by youths who have been through internships or who are currently interns, this event aims to fulfill nEbO’s objective to prepare youths to be Work-Ready. Last year, it garnered more than 450 signatures from employers and interns supporting this movement. This year, TYID aims to raise greater awareness of the importance of internship. The recent Aspire (Applied Study in Polytechnics and ITE Review) committee reports, in which the Singapore government aims to better connect classroom learning to the working world, further affirm our message. Through TYID, nEbO encourages employers to provide quality internships for youths so that they can gain meaningful working experience. Interns are also encouraged to value the learning opportunities given to them by their employers and make the fullest of their internship experience. 

3. “
We hope that TYID can create support and awareness that internships are really needful for youths to learn more about the working world. Hands-on learning is especially important in this day and age, where paper qualifications only get you one foot in the door. But at the same time, we cannot abuse this learning opportunity, both employees and employers alike. Therefore, TYID plays a unique role in managing expectations so that internship can be a beneficial experience for both employers and the interns,” said Ms Kayleen Ang, youth leader of the TYID team.

4. Having the TYID outreach event on 10 October (10.10) drives home the message “to Thank” (10.10) your intern. nEbO’s TYID team will be at Raffles Place on 10 October 2014 to give out pocket calendars and quote cards for employers and interns to express their appreciation for each other. TYID’s mascots, Ah Boy and Ah Girl, will be present to be photographed with members of the public and drive awareness to Singapore’s employment act.

5. “One of nEbO’s main objectives is to prepare our youths to be Work-Ready and in this aspect, nEbO has been working with institutions like ITEs and polytechnics to complement the school curriculum by providing out of classroom learning for our youths. Programmes such as TYID not only helps the youths to be more informed about the working world and their internship, it also contributes to the larger picture of a productive and fair workforce made up of knowledgeable employees and employers who respect and value interns as potential employees,” said Mr Lim Eng Lee, NTUC Alignment Director (nEbO).

6. In addition to 10.10 TYID event, nEbO will launch a 21-Day Facebook challenge end October to help generate awareness and interest among the youths. Youths will receive weekly tasks through the Facebook app which will challenge them to adopt habits that will make their internship a more fruitful one.

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