21 Apr 2012

Youths Receive Labour Movement Accolades for Versatility, Inspiration, Passion & Unity

NTUC President Diana Chia and NTUC Secretary-General Lim Swee Say present awards to youth members for their contributions and service to the youth community
nEbO, the junior membership arm of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) hosted its second Spirit of Youth Awards today to honour the young people who have made significant contributions to the success of the youth community and its programmes. This year, 17 individuals and 6 teams received their awards from NTUC President, Diana Chia, and NTUC Secretary-General, Lim Swee Say at the awards ceremony held at St James Power Station.
As a community for the youth, by the youth, members play a key role in the growth of nEbO. About 40% of nEbO’s events and activities in 2011 were initiated by members and membership strength stands at over 55,000. Recognising youths as key stakeholders in Singapore’s future and ensuring a constant flow of new blood into the Labour Movement, members with the passion and enthusiasm to lead are groomed and mentored by nEbO advisors. Currently, over 900 activists take on leadership roles, initiating and planning events for other members, while strengthening their interpersonal competencies.
The awards were established last year to recognise the contributions of these young champions, serve as a form of motivation and create role models as an inspiration to others. Last year’s alumni award recipient, Mr David Tay, is one such example. One of the founding members of nEbO, he was recently made Chairperson of the Young NTUC[1] committee and will be leading other youth leaders in dialogues and discussions on how the Labour Movement can better the lives of workers.
“nEbO would not have been able to achieve success and create an impact if not for the contributions of our members. While engaging our members, we also hope to develop their potential so that we can successfully groom future leaders who can contribute back to society. We launched the leadership development programme, nEbO LEAD, in December 2011 for our members to develop their personal, social and leadership skills, through out-of-classroom learning experiences that complement their schooling education. This programme is a step taken to support the continual leadership renewal within the Labour Movement,” said Mr Lim Eng Lee, Alignment Director (nEbO), NTUC.
Spirit of Youth Awards 2012

The awards serve to acknowledge the active, passionate youths who have stepped forward to make things happen and create a positive change in the community. Three young individuals will be presented with the EXCEL Award for being outstanding, committed, leaders who have inspired other members while juggling their many commitments. Five team awards, Team of Versatility, Inspiration of Tomorrow, Blaze of Passion, Strength of Unity and Initiatives of Extraordinaire will be given to teams for their achievements and contributions inorganisingevents and activities for other members.

a.    Team of Versatilityawards the team that has performed best in nEbO, demonstrating creativity,vibrancy, idealism, dedication and enthusiasm.

b.    Inspiration of Tomorrowawards the team that has inspired others and shown the potential to excel despite being a newcomer.
c.    Blaze of Passionawards the team that has shown commitment and passion towards nEbO by actively participating and contributing to nEbO events.
d.    Strength of Unity awards the team that has demonstrated great team spirit by displaying great team work when working together.
e.    Initiatives of Extraordinaire awards the team that has initiated an outstanding ad-hoc project that has reached out to the masses at large with a significant impact.
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