12 Mar 2012

MOU between ITE & NTUC – nEbO to Strengthen Ties in Student Development & Training

nEbO, the junior membership arm of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), and the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) today to formalise their partnership in student development and training. NTUC Secretary-General Lim Swee Say, and Chairman of the ITE Board of Governors, Mr Bob Tan, were there to witness the signing ceremony held at ITE College East. Signed by Mr Bruce Poh, Director & CEO, ITE and Mr Lim Eng Lee, Alignment Director (nEbO), NTUC, the agreement will cover the entire ITE community – ITE College East, ITE College Central and ITE College West.
This MOU is a significant milestone in the partnership between ITE and nEbO. Both have been working closely together since 2007 in the areas of character development and student entrepreneurship to create Work-Ready, World-Ready and Life-Ready youths. A recent collaboration was the social care project ‘Reduce & Recycle – Save Our Mother Earth’ where students were involved hands-on to make the project more meaningful for them and instil a deeper sense of social responsibility. The 3,000 students made items from recyclable materials, sold them to raise proceeds for Lutheran Community Care Services and educated the public on ways to reduce waste and recycle. Others included industry visits in nEbO’s Learning Journey programme for the students to get a glimpse of the real working world, and community service projects to benefit the elderly. (Please refer to Annex A for profiles of ITE youths and nEbO members).
These have yielded a positive response from students and the MOU aims to bring the partnership one step further. Sharing the same goals to nurture Work-Ready youths who have the skills, knowledge and values for employability, nEbO will be supporting entrepreneurship development amongst ITE students and graduates; provide industrial attachment opportunities for both staff and students of ITE; and socially engage more ITE students in jointly organised events and activities.
To help aspiring entrepreneurs, nEbO will work closely with ITE to provide opportunities for budding entrepreneurs to test out their products and ideas in a commercial environment at Downtown East or nEbO Hub @ AMK Hub. This will also allow the youths to learn about the challenges and realities of starting their own business through a hands-on approach. In addition, students of ITE will be given opportunities to participate in nEbO’s industrial attachment programmes. This will allow students to familiarise themselves with a variety of actual work situations and prepare them for the challenges that they may face in their working life in future.
“We value our relationship with ITE and this MOU is a pledge from both sides to work together even closer for the benefit of youths. We are glad to be able to engage even more youths in our programmes and provide them the opportunities for personal development. nEbO has a unique focus on getting youths Work-Ready – equipping them with the skills and qualities they need to succeed at the workplace, which will ease their transition to working life. We hope that with the capabilities to contribute productively in the workforce, they will understand the importance of their role in society,”said Mr Lim Eng Lee, Alignment Director (nEbO), NTUC.
Mr Bruce Poh, Director & CEO, ITE, also gave his thumbs-up. He shared, “With ITE’s commitment towards a Hands-on, Minds-on, Hearts-on education to nurture all-rounded students, we are happy to partner nEbO to provide our students with platforms outside the classroom to build entrepreneurship skills and personal qualities, which are important for their holistic development”.


Jointly issued by NTUC Club and ITE
Chinese Names and Terms
National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) 全国职工总会(职总)
Mr Lim Eng Lee
Alignment Director (nEbO), NTUC
Mr Bruce Poh
Director & CEO, ITE
About National Trades Union Congress (NTUC)
The National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) is a national confederation of trade unions in the industrial, service and public sectors representing over 580,000 workers in Singapore. NTUC's objectives are to help Singapore stay competitive and workers remain employable for life; to enhance the social status and well-being of workers; and to build a strong, responsible and caring labour movement. NTUC's vision is to be an inclusive labour movement for all collars, all ages and all nationalities. NTUC is at the heart of the Labour Movement, which comprises 60 affiliated unions, one affiliated taxi association, 12 social enterprises and four related organisations. For more details on NTUC, please visit our website at

About nEbO
nEbO, a community for youths aged between 12 and 21 years, is the junior membership arm of NTUC. Set up on 07.07.07, nEbO aims to create a community of Work-Ready, World-Ready and Life-Ready youths by providing a platform for youths to develop andrealisetheir potential through interest communities that include Music & Events, Sports, Care, Gaming, Lifestyle and Entrepreneurship. Through nEbO, an emotional connection with youths can be nurtured and sustained, leading to anaturalisedrelationship with NTUC when they enter the workforce.
As a vibrant community of youths, nEbO believes in learning by aspiration and leading by inspiration. With more than 50,000 youths joining the nEbO family, nEbO is on its way to be the largest local youth community and in a strong position to contribute to youth development in Singapore.
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About ITE
The Institute of Technical Education (ITE), Singapore, was established as a post-secondary education institution in 1992 under the Ministry of Education. ITE is a principal provider of career and technical education and key developer of national occupational skills certification and standards to enhance Singapore's workforce competitiveness. Under its "One ITE System, Three Colleges" Model of Education and Governance, ITE has three Colleges, comprising ITE College Central, ITE College East and ITE College West.  For more information, visit:
Annex A
Sam Yeo, 21 years old
A pool enthusiast, Sam Yeo started his journey in nEbO’s pool interest group, organising activities and events to bring up the level of interest and participation. An all-rounder, he has also volunteered in nEbO’s Care community, helping to plan and take care of logistics in the events, and participate in nEbO’s learning journeys to find out more about the real working world.
“At the beginning, I was more soft-spoken and reserved, but after joining more of the events and interacting with other members, it has helped me to come out of my shell, and be a bit more outspoken. When my other friends found out on Facebook that I joined nEbO’s Care events, they really could not believe it because they did not know me as an out-going person.”
Nurin Sharaine, 22 years old
A member since 2008, Nurin Sharaine from ITE College Central (Tampines Campus),is an active and committed member of the bowling interest group. She has helped to grow the interest group from just 3 to 30 players and frequently represents nEbO in bowling competitions in the Labour Movement. She was also selected to take part in the nEbO LEAD programme, which is a youth leadership development programme aimed tohelp youths deal successfully with the challenges of adolescence and prepare them for the workforce.

“Being a nEbO champion has given me opportunities for personal development and pursue my interest in bowling. I have learnt how to project a professional personal image with all that I meet and carry myself confidently, which would be a good skill to have for presentations and interviews.”
Lee Chin Hao, 19 years old
A new member, he was introduced to nEbO in 2011 after taking part in the ‘Reduce & Recycle – Save our Mother Earth’ project. In this recycling-themed bazaar, he made new items from recyclable materials and sold them to help raise funds for Lutheran Community Care Services. Since then, he has also volunteered in another Care event - nEbO Care X’mas Spirit – Sharing a Glimmer, Giving a Hope, where volunteers brought the visually handicapped on a special programme at the museum.
“Taking part in Reduce & Recycle – Save our Mother Earth was an eye opening experience for me, as I saw and learnt how it was possible to create entirely new items by reusing old materials, which is not something you learn in school. While promoting and selling my items, the experience has also taught me to be more outspoken and confident to approach strangers.”
Tay Tuan Hung, 20 years old
Tay Tuan Hung is an ITE College West student and nEbO member since 2010. Led by his passion for photography, he started nEbO’s photography interest group, Captura. As the chairman, part of his responsibilities include organising courses and competitions for other members to develop their skills and learn from the expert. He and his team are also the voluntary official photographers at many of nEbO’s events.
“I am passionate about photography and joining nEbO has helped me connect with other youths of the same interest. Volunteering at many of nEbO’s Care events is a way for me to give back to society by capturing the smiles and happy moments of the less privileged.”
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