30 Apr 2008

nEbO City @ E!hub

Located on the 4th level of E!hub @ Downtown East, nEbO cafe is part of nEbO City, a one-stop integrated youth entertainment outlet which includes Zone X and Cathay Cineplex. 

Spread over 3,500 sq ft, nEbO cafe is more than just a cafe. With a seating capacity of 150, it is an alternative place for youths to hang out with friends. Boasting a vibrant look, the cafe has 6 Plasma TVs that play music videos and movie trailers. A private multi-purpose room with a movie projector for private events or parties is also available. Youths may also rent board games at discounted rates and choose to use any of the 5 internet kiosks at nEbO cafe. 

To encourage a fun culture, nEbO cafe has created 5 trading posts that allow youth entrepreneurs to showcase and sell their items at the cafe. There is also a dedicated lounge area with cozy seating exclusively for nEbO members. 

There will be endless options for a day out with your friends. Check it out and see you soon!


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