Be Work Ready

nEbO aims to prepare youths to be Work-Ready and guide them to make better informed decisions about their future career paths. As such, nEbO offers various Work-Ready related programmes and initiatives for youths aged 12 - 25 as seen below:


Work-Ready Programmes (aged 12 to 16)

Offered by nEbO's Enrichment Community 

Learning Journey

For students to explore various industries and discover the backend operations of a company


Work Attachment 

For students to Learn and Earn over their school vacation



Work-Ready Programmes (aged 16 to 25)

Jobs On Board

JOB is a digital e-platform for interns to find meaningful internships, or part time positions while for employers, a platform to provide quality work environment for youths to gain meaningful work experiences at their workplace.

nEbO Jobs On Board focuses on the Learn and Earn segments where interns not only get to earn their keepings through our part-time and internship offerings, but the portal also features a wide array of work-ready reads and articles. 

Through this portal, we aim to deepen the youths’ understanding about work-life and to ultimately successfully transit them to the future workforce.



Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium (YES)

YES is one of nEbO's key Work-Ready initiatives from the Entrepreneurship Community to get youths to be Work-Ready and to promote an entrepreneurial mindset among youths in Singapore. As one of leading entrepreneurship events for young budding entrepreneurs, YES brings together youths and successful business people who are passionate about entrepreneurship. Beyond inspiring young people, this platform provides them start-up skills needed to go forth and start their own dream businesses.


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