+ Q1. How are LinkPoints calculated? Earning LinkPoints
LinkPoints award varies with each Plus! Merchant. Detailed awarding information is found at each individual merchant page

Redemption of Linkpoints
Conversion is standardised in the whole programme where 150 LinkPoints=$1 worth.

+ Q2. How do I accumulate points on my nEbO Plus! card? LinkPoint merchants will be issuing LinkPoints to nEbO Plus! cards.

For LinkPoint merchants, click HERE.

+ Q3. How can I check my LinkPoints balance? Cardholders enquiring on their balance LinkPoints can do so via LinkPoints website.

+ Q4. When will the LinkPoints expire? i) LinkPoints earned in a calendar year will expire on the 31 December of that year. However, cardholders are given an additional six months grace to redeem their points (till 30 June every year). LinkPoints not redeemed after the grace period the following year will be expired. (Points earned this year will expire the following year)

ii) LinkPoints will be void once nEbO membership expires unless member has existing NTUC Plus! card to credit over.

+ Q5. How and where can I redeem my LinkPoints? You can readily redeem your LinkPoints at any of the participating merchants outlets identified with LinkPoints' signages. Or you may check out the list of LinkPoints merchants HERE.

+ Q6. If there is a replacement of my card, will my LinkPoints be reinstated? LinkPoints will be carried forward to the new card as account is tagged to member's NRIC.