Sept eDM Contest: Happy Teachers' Day

Sept eDM Contest: Happy Teachers' Day

Contest Period: 1 Sep 2020 to 30 Sep 2020

Teacher’s day is almost around the corner!

We have listed down our top 5 favourite type of teachers:

1. The Passionate One

Teachers so dedicated to their work; they’ll reach school before 7am for early consults and leave at 9pm so students can meet them after school. They always give you extra practices and marks them diligently. They believe in making a difference and not teaching for the sake of teaching. They’re the kind of teachers we need every day.

2. The Genius

If you’re lucky, you’ll get a teacher who’s like THE smartest person ever. They know all the answers to every question and know how to teach. They have all the facts you need at the back of their hands and you can’t help but marvel at their intellectual brilliance. 

3. Everybody’s Friend

These teachers are super friendly and act like they are the same age as you. They blend in with the student body and are extremely easy to talk to, especially if you have problems to share.

4. The Motherly One

As the name suggests, they act like your second Mom in school. They’ll feed you with lots of goodies and ensure that you’ve got everything under control. They make sure you behave well in school and will scold you if you don’t. They shower you with lots of love and they’re generous with their hugs.

5. The Nice One

These are the ones who always understand your plight and never raise their voices at you. They always encourage you to do better even if you’ve failed your tests. They go all out to make sure you’ve understood everything and never give up on you. These are the teachers that students tend to take advantage of. A little advice for students, cherish your nice teacher before they turn strict!


We want to hear your thoughts!

Let us know which type of teacher is your favourite and why! (in less than 50 words)



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