U Sports Interest Groups

U Sports Interest Groups

As part of the nEbO community, you get access to many fun activities and events! Together with U Sports, we are here to support you on your sporting journey. 


If you’re looking for high-spirited running buddies to motivate you and spice up your workouts, U Sports has weekly runs you can take part in! Click here to find out more. 

If pounding the ground on both feet is not your style, how about working out on both wheels? Be a part of the U Sports Cycling Interest Group and find your community with weekly cycling sessions! Click here to find out more. 

Prefer to take part in water-related sports? Always wanted to try out dragonboat? Fret not! With a Recreational and a Competitive team, U Sports Dragonboat Interst Group caters to all levels - from beginners to experienced paddlers. Click here to find out more. 

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