Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium 2019 - Team

Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium 2019 - Team

Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium is happening again this year on 7th and 8th September. Come and join us on these exciting 2 days symposium and expect to win cash prizes of up to $2,000!

You can expect to:

  • Pick up relevant skills through our workshops
  • Learn how to work out a business plan
  • Have tons of networking opportunities


1st Prize: $2,000 

2nd Prize: $1,000

3rd Prize: $500


If you are signing up by yourself, do sign under the individual section.

Any enquiries please feel free to contact Rachel at We look forward to seeing you all soon! laugh

**Registration will close on 30th Aug 2019

**Due to online maintenance, we will be extending registration till 2nd Sep 2019.

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