Marketing Strategies in the Startup Scene

Marketing Strategies in the Startup Scene

Curious to know whats the most efficient way to market your startup? Join us in this exclusive workshop with Miss Florine Eppe Beauloye!

About Miss Florine Eppe Beauloye, Founder and CEO of mOOnshot digital

The Founder and CEO of mOOnshot digital specialise in shaping and polishing select brands and making them shine online. Florine is also awarded  one of the top 50 Asia's Women Leaders by CMO Asia and World Brand Congress 2016 and highly sought after for her opinions and insights on luxury marketing and digital transformation.

Be part of the unforgettable learning experience! In the fun way of course... Florine has been voted one of the best speakers during our Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium 2017 and have lots to share with about the different skills that can be involved in a marketing strategy for startups. Sign up now!

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