Resume Writing and Interview Skills

Resume Writing and Interview Skills


1. Understanding Resumes

  • Learning The Different Resume Formats
  • 5 Tips to A Winning Resume
  • Learning About Personal Branding
  • Understanding The Different Parts of A Resume
  • Activity: Resume Writing Using The Chronological Format



1. Preparing For The Interview

  • Understanding The 5 ‘R’s of Interview Skills
  • Researching Your Prospective IHL

2. Understanding The Different Formats of Interviews

  • Direct, Video, Group, Panel Interviews

3. Perfecting Your Interview Etiquette

  • Arriving Early
  • Turning On The Charm With Your Body Language – Business Handshake, Smile & Head Nods
  • Taking Note Of Your Sitting Posture
  • Using Action Verbs When Answering Questions

4. Preparing For The Interview

  • Understanding That Practice Makes Perfect
  • Telling Stories To Communicate Your Ideas

5. Handling Difficult Questions & Nervousness

  • Technique: Bridging

6. The Mock Interview (Breakout Rooms)

  • Activity: Mock Interview for Participants in Breakout Rooms


About the Trainer, Mr Lionel Lim

  •  Trained at over 280 multi-national corporations, businesses, government organisations and educational institutions
  • Featured in over 28 local & international media such as Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS News, BBC World TV News, Top Corporate Leader, Asia Business Journal, The Straits Times, The Sunday Times, Lianhe Wanbao, Mediacorp TV, Radio 938 Live, August Woman, Simply Her, 8 Days, SDN Duet, Epitome of Glamour, AlumNUS
  • Published Author of book “Branded For Success”


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