Finding You! Webinar

Finding You! Webinar

“Finding You Seminar” is a discovery session where the objective is to find your passion and goals. Covering the essential skills of using your strengths to action and paving your way through different challenges.

Speaker Profile

Jaymes Lye, an Alumnus of ITECC and nEbO, opens up and share about the challenges he faced in his younger years, how he overcame it and found strength in difficult times to excel despite the situation. Currently,  he manages half a million in marketing dollars every month on Youtube and Facebook.

Session 1 (Via MS Teams)

18th May 2021

2.30pm to 4pm

Session 2 (Via MS Teams)

21st May 2021

2.30pm to 4pm

Session 3 (Via MS Teams)

28th May 2021

2.30pm to 4pm

This event is solely for current ITE Students only.

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