Spirit of Youth Awards (SOYA) 2016

Spirit of Youth Awards (SOYA) 2016


Spirit of Youth Awards (SOYA) 2016 is a time of celebration and reflection for fellow nEbO Champions. With the theme ‘Defining Moments’, nEbO hopes their youths will look back at their entire journey with nEbO and reflect on the memorable moments that shows what a determined and united community can achieve together.

For the 6th year running, SOYA will celebrate and acknowledge the efforts of the award nominees, and bring their youth leaders together to discover and share their defining moment. nEbO also hopes to motivate those who have done well and inspire others to strive to do something meaningful and fulfilling.

Looking back on nEbO’s milestones over the past nine years, nEbO youths have grown and moved from being just participants to activists and mentors. nEbO will continue to develop their members’ potential and groom future leaders who will contribute back to society.

*Kindly note that Spirit of Youth Awards is a closed door event that has now ended. Click here to check out our event photos!

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