Thank Your Intern Day 2015

Thank Your Intern Day 2015

Why 10.10?

It means "Thank" (10) your intern.

About Thank Your Intern Day

nEbO’s Thank Your Intern Day is created to increase the awareness among employers that interns are potential assets to their organisations and to educate the interns on their "Workplace Rights". In addition to raising awareness on fair workplace practices, nEbO also pushes for quality internships to prepare youths to be Work-Ready. We encourage interns to value the learning opportunities given to them by their employers and make the fullest of their internship period. This movement also aims to spread the message on the importance of appreciating interns and giving them quality work experiences which will lead to mutual benefits on both sides. 


Join us on 10 Oct 2015 (Sat) at Bugis+, 12pm - 7pm, to learn more on internship rights!



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