Spirit of Youth Awards 2014

Spirit of Youth Awards 2014

Spirit of Youth Awards is nEbO’s annual awards night to recognise, commend and encourage contributions made by youth in the nEbO community towards the progress of the Labour Movement. It also honours young people whose achievements will serve as an inspiration to other youth. Team awards, as well as individual awards will be presented to youth with outstanding performance in nEbO.

Spirit of Youth Awards 2014 will be held at Gardens By the Bay with the theme of Melody of a Blossoming Youth, as it is the time of blossom for honourable young leaders in nEbO who have grown and flourished with youth and vigour over the year with their outstanding achievements. Attendees will be able to witness the efforts which our youth have honed to achieve and watch them showcase what they aspire to be when they were young.

*Kindly note that Spirit of Youth Awards 2014 is a closed door event and by exclusive invites only. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter for LIVE updates!

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