Thank Your Intern Day 2014

Thank Your Intern Day 2014

What’s happening on 10.10.14?
Calling out to all employers and interns out there, do keep a lookout for The "TYID" Team in black spectacles on 10 October 2014, Friday at Raffles Place! Grab any quote cards from us and express your appreciation to your employers/interns on "Thank" (10) Your Intern Day!

Why 10.10?
It means "Thank" (10) your intern.

Background of Thank Your Intern Day?
Thank Your Intern Day is created to increase the awareness among employers that interns are potential assets to their organisations and to educate the interns of their "Workplace Rights". Interns, on the other hand, should value the learning opportunities given to them by their employers and make the fullest of their internship period. This movement aims to spread the message on the importance of appreciating these assets and managing expectations on both ends.

We are a group of youth from nEbO who have been through various internships or are still doing our internships!

nEbO Wants YOU!
We are looking for volunteers to join us to spread the message for this social movement! Sign up here.

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