Volunteer with us to say 'NO' to Plastic Bags

Volunteer with us to say 'NO' to Plastic Bags

FairPrice is launching a month-long “No Plastic Bags” trial from 16 Sep - 16 Oct 2019 and a consumer sentiment survey on plastic bags usage at selected stores across the island where plastic bags will not be provided for in-store purchases to better understand consumer behaviour and gather public feedback on efforts to encourage the community to “bring-your-own-bag” (BYOB).

For a month starting 16 September, shoppers will not be given plastic bags for purchases at seven selected FairPrice, Cheers and FairPrice Xpress outlets. Customers who require plastic bags at these seven stores can purchase them at $0.20/transaction (FairPrice/FairPrice Finest/FairPrice Xtra) or $0.10/transaction (Cheers/FairPrice Xpress stores); proceeds will go to the Singapore Children’s Society and The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund.


nEbO, together with Young NTUC is looking for volunteers to support us in this movement on the 12 October, at Zhongshan Mall! The main role of the volunteers would be to engage customers on these points:

i) Reiterating that the aim is to reduce excessive plastic bags (not removing)

ii) Assuring that it’s a per receipt and not per bag charge

iii) Clarifying that proceeds go to charity


Below are the time slots for 12 October. Do indicate the timeslots you are available during the registration


1 8am to 12pm
2 1pm to 5pm
3 6pm to 10pm


How can you do your part by joining us?

In the registration form: 

1) Indicate the time slot you are free to volunteer in. You are definitely welcome to indicate more slots. Alternatively, you can drop us an email if you will like to indicate by dropping us the email

2) Indicate your t-shirt size

3) Confirmation email with details from us will be sent over 


For more information, feel free to reach out to Joseph at

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