20 Sep 2019

Behind the Success of Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium (YES) 2019

Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium (YES) concluded last weekend, after an intensive two days of talks, workshops, hands-on learning and networking. I remember standing there in the audience, with my fellow committee members, and just thinking to myself, what a perfect setting – the thunderous applause of all the participants, the ecstatic smiles on the winners’ faces, and the immense pride on the faces of all the judges, speakers and mentors.

Of course, behind every event is a group of people working so hard behind-the-scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly. The committee for YES 2019 came together from all walks of life, with a common goal – to put together a meaningful and engaging event that would inspire aspiring youth entrepreneurs and equip them with practical skills.

Read on to find out more about their key takeaways as members of the youth executive committee for YES 2019!



27 Aug 2019

5 Reasons why you should join Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium (YES) 2019

Have you ever dreamed of being a forward-thinking entrepreneur? Did you once come up with a business plan but did not know how to proceed from there? You’re definitely not alone.

nEbO’s Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium (YES) is one of the largest youth entrepreneurship event in Singapore. YES provides a perfect stage for your business ideas to sprout, grow, and blossom! Scroll down to have a look at 5 reasons why you should attend YES 2019.