4 Jan 2021

A Toast to End 2020!

As we have closed the year 2020, nEbO would like to thank all nEbOians & partners alike for your contribution and support for us. This year, the world had gone through a massive change due to the Covid-19 virus. Schools were closed, contact was kept minimum and countries had to close their borders. Singapore alike had to go through a circuit breaker where Singaporeans had to stay at home if they are not part of an essential service. So, who are these people in the essential service?

They are our frontline heroes. Nurses, bus drivers, doctors, food vendors, and many more had to risk their lives to ensure Singaporeans are able to continue their daily activities. Therefore, to appreciate them, nEbO – Young NTUC U Heart had a joint online campaign called the #Toast2UChallenge. For every unique #Toast2UChallenge post on Facebook, NTUC Income pledged $2 to the NTUC U Care Fund which aimed to help low-income members and their families through various assistance programs to defray their cost of living and children’s school expenses, as well as members whose livelihood had been affected by Covid-19.

The #toast2UChallenge has raised a total of $15,000 and we would like to thank you for your participation in this challenge. We would also like to give a special thank you to Madam President, Prime Minister, Ministers, various Union Leaders, and celebrities for your support in creating awareness in this #toast2UChallenge.

2020 was a year of hardships but we managed to pull through together. nEbO will like to thank you for your continuous support for U Heart 2020 and wishes all of you a Happy 2021! Stay tuned to nEbO, Young NTUC & U Heart's social media pages for future upcoming U Heart initiatives.

Do also look out for upcoming events and initiatives via our various media platforms at:

nEbO FB: @nEbO.sg

nEbO IG: @nEbOSG

Posted by nEbO Admin on 4 Jan 2021, 11:31 am
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