1 Apr 2021

World Health Day!

  It’s World Health Day on 7 April!  Here are 5 parks or trails you can visit to celebrate World Health Day this year.     1) Windsor Nature Park  (PHOTO: THE STRAITS TIMES) Covering 75 hectares, Windsor features three hiking trails (Drongo, Squirrel and Hanguana) and a 150-metre sub-canopy walkway. You can continue walking to MacRitchie


1 Mar 2021

International Day of Happiness

20th March 2021 is the International Day of Happiness. As we face a global crisis together, let’s find positive ways to look after ourselves and each other.   International Day of Happiness aims to enourage others to spread happiness, big and small, and make radical changes to the way people view the world. Celebrate International


3 Feb 2021

Make Decluttering Part of your Daily Routine!

Make decluttering part of your daily routine! Here’s why you should do this: the more often you declutter, the less time it will take.   1. 30 MINUTES IS ALL IT TAKES Take 30 minutes each week to focus on decluttering your bedroom - you can do it all in one sweep or break it


4 Jan 2021

A Toast to End 2020!

As we have closed the year 2020, nEbO would like to thank all nEbOians & partners alike for your contribution and support for us. This year, the world had gone through a massive change due to the Covid-19 virus. Schools were closed, contact was kept minimum and countries had to close


1 Jan 2021

Stick To Your Resolutions!

Struggling to keep to your new year's resolution?  Here's a few tips to stick to your resolutions this year! 1. CREATE A MEASURABLE GOAL Don't be vague with your resolutions! An intangible, vague goal will only cause you to feel lost. Instead, create measurable goals like, "Go to the gym three days per week," or