8 May 2020

A passion so deep

LIVING THE DREAM: What started off as a hobby eventually turned into a huge passion for marine animals. Kenneth, who was drawn to life under the sea since he was a child, grew up to be a full time aquarist in S.E.A. Aquarium – one of the largest aquariums in the world!


PREPARATIONS: Aquarists like Kenneth prepares up to 400kg of restaurant-grade seafood daily for the marine animals, two hours before the opening of S.E.A. Aquarium. (PHOTO: ALVIRA ALAYNA BINTE MOHAMED SHAHAD)


FEEDING TIME: After preparing the feed, Kenneth climbs up to the top of the tanks and slowly pours in the feed with a container attached to a hollow tube to ensure that the fishes at the bottom of the habitat will be able to eat them. (PHOTO: ALVIRA ALAYNA BINTE MOHAMED SHAHAD)


CARING BETTER FOR THE FISHES: Every morning, Kenneth and his team will sit in and discuss the tasks to do based on their observations of the animals from the day before. Topics of discussion include improving the fishes’ habitats, behavioural conditioning and how to better care for the fishy residents. (PHOTO: ZANDER MOH)


FEEDING TIME: During the morning feeding session, Kenneth checks on the animals from the outside of the habitat to monitor their eating behaviour. This visual check allows Kenneth to spot fishes who may be unwell or is timid to swim out for food. (PHOTO: ALVIRA ALAYNA BINTE MOHAMED SHAHAD)


DEEP DIVE: With habitats so huge, the only way to ensure living conditions are conducive for the fishes is to dive in and clean the habitats daily. Kenneth prepares himself with a diving suit, compressed air and cleaning brushes that helps him in cleaning and maintaining the habitats. (PHOTO: KEISHA JOHN NATHAN)


TRUST: In his four years working as an aquarist in S.E.A. Aquarium, Kenneth has established a sense of trust between the marine animals and him, as the fishes are unafraid to hover around him whenever he dives in. The special bond is what keeps him going at this job. (PHOTO: ALVIRA ALAYNA BINTE MOHAMED SHAHAD)


"Kenneth is an inspiring example for those who are thinking of whether to pursue their dreams and those who are willing to work towards their passion against the odds. While it is a norm that most parents would like their children to get a well-paid regular 9-5 job, Kenneth’s passion and care for marine animals have stood out and gained support from his parents. It is most ideal to marry passion and work together. Hope to see more young individuals brave enough to pursue their passion and dreams. We need these enthusiastic young individuals to bring our industries to greater heights. Everyone has a role to play in every job. You will find joy in being appreciated in various uncommon jobs that interests you."

- Annie Lee, Attractions, Resorts & Entertainment Union (AREU) EXCO Member


Through the eyes of our nEbO youth writer, nEbO Labour Month aims to introduce lesser known, yet interesting jobs to youths out there. This series seeks to encourage youths to be inspired and pursue their dreams through real-life stories of our profiles, as well as appreciate the uncommon jobs in various interesting fields.

nEbO is the junior membership arm of NTUC. It is a lifestyle club that actively reaches out to youths aged 12 to 25, socially engaging them in creating a vibrant community that is Work-Ready, World-Ready and Life-Ready. Find out more about what we do at nebo.sg.

 (Disclaimer: Interview was conducted prior to the implementation of circuit breaker measures on 7 April 2020)

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