5 Dec 2016

World Learner Student Exchange Programme 2016

Globalisation has made the world much more inter-connected, enabling a diffusion of ideas, values and cultures around the world. Living in a globalised world, a person needs to be culturally aware of different parts of the world so that they are able to make adjustments and adapt accordingly to the ever changing emerging cultural trends.

As part of nEbO’s efforts to prepare youths to be World-Ready, the World Learner Student Exchange Programme was initiated by nEbO to host a group of students from the rural parts of Sze Chuan, China for a day of cultural education and fun in Singapore.

Our objective for World Learner Student Exchange Programme 2016 is simple! Firstly, we want our nEbO volunteers to develop the core values of being culturally tolerant towards others. Secondly, we want the students from Sze Chuan to learn about Garden City Singapore and its environmental efforts. Thirdly, we want all our youths, be it the youth committee, nEbO volunteers or the Sze Chuan students to have fun! (What is a student exchange programme without a little fun!)

We kicked off the day with simple ice breaking activities to bond the Sze Chuan students with the nEbO volunteers before heading to the NEWater Visitor Centre for a guided tour to understand more about Singapore’s sustainable water system.

Next, we headed off to Downtown East where we had lunch before proceeding with our next activity where the students from Sze Chuan were taught how to make towel bears using simple craft materials. I was amazed at how quickly the students were able to learn the complex steps of folding the towel bear, and was completely blown away by the creativity these students displayed when decorating their kites, in preparation for our evening activity. (Guess what it is?)

You got it! We headed to Marina Barrage where we tried our hands on flying the kites we decorated earlier. It was definitely harder than we thought.

To end the night off with a bang, we brought the Sze Chuan students to Gardens By The Bay for the amazing light show where all of them stood in awe. My utmost appreciation goes out to the nEbO youth volunteers, advisors, youth organising committee and representatives from Sze Chuan for spending time and effort in ensuring a successful event!

It was a short exchange programme but the youth committee and nEbO volunteers agree that even though Singapore is considered a melting pot of diverse cultures, there is still a lot more about the culture to be discovered! (One big takeaway for me was that I realised I will have to buck up on my Mandarin speaking standard!)

Posted by Poh Yong Shun on 5 Dec 2016, 10:37 am
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Poh Yong Shun

Poh Yong Shun

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