23 Nov 2016

Thank Your Intern Day 2016

nEbO's Thank Your Intern Day (TYID) is a movement started in 2013 to increase the awareness among employers that interns are potential assets to their organisations, as well as to educate interns on the importance of internship. We encourage interns to value the learning opportunities given to them by their employers and make the fullest of their internship stint. This movement also aims to spread the message on the importance of appreciating interns and giving them quality work experiences which will lead to mutual benefits for both the employers and the interns.

This year, our focus for TYID16 is about "Quality Internship" of which we want to encourage interaction and constructive exchange of ideas amongst youths to gain insights into Work-Ready initiatives and to help them cultivate positive attitudes and mindsets towards quality internship. To drive towards our focus, the team consisting of 9 members (including me!) brainstormed on how we can bring out the message towards interns and employers who might have misconception about internship. After much discussion with the team, we decided to kickstart TYID16 with a series of sharing sessions within tertiary institutions before the main forum discussion on 10 October at NTUC Centre with distinguished speakers, invited employers and interns. 

During the 10/10 day, internship activities cum dinner were implemented to allow both interns and their employers to know each other better through a casual setting. Following which, 3 key panellists namely Mr Chong Leong Fatt, Deputy Principal of ITE College Central, Mr Edwin Lye, Director of SNEF, and Mr Anthony Keh, HR Deputy Director of SUTD shared internship advice and insights from Employers, Students and HR’s perspectives which were relevant to all the participants on board. Sli.do was also an online platform used for the participants to raise pertinent questions, and many of those were duly answered by all 3 panellists. 

Planning for this event certainly wasn’t an easy feat for us all. However, on hindsight, nothing good comes without hard work and perseverance. Weeks after weeks, discussions after discussions, it took the team about 6 months long of planning to conceptualise and eventually executed Thank Your Intern Day 2016. We began with a strong aspiration to bring both interns and employers together, hoping they can have a better idea of what constitute a quality internship. After going through this relatively long journey, I’m glad we have managed to set out what we planned to do. I have also benefitted much from this meaningful movement, learning more about internship holistically and eventually preparing myself better for the future workforce. The valuable views shared by the distinguished speakers have also allowed me to better understand from different perspectives and I'm extremely thankful for that. 

I am glad to have embarked on this enriching journey with 8 other brilliant individuals from Republic Polytechnic, alongside with my 3 supportive advisors at nEbO. I hope our initiatives and ideas would inspire the next batch of youths from the nEbO community to bring this movement to the next level.

Click here for more photos of TYID 10/10 Event Day!

Posted by Marcus Lee on 23 Nov 2016, 10:44 am
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Marcus Lee

Marcus Lee

Marcus is a Care Community Champion and has been volunteered and spearheaded various nEbO events since 2014. Currently a Republic Polytechnic year 3 student majoring in Human Resource & Psychology, Marcus also advocates the importance of quality internship and believes interns should make the best out of their internship stint with their supervisors and / or employers.