6 Mar 2017

Should You Take Up An Internship? Yay or Nay?

Li Khee and her peers when she interned at Rolls-Royce Singapore

Li Khee, 23 was a nEbO Care Champion and she believes that as a student, it is crucial to take up an internship as it is extremely beneficial for one’s career in the future. Here are her reasons why!

1. You get paid to learn!

As an intern, you get shown around the company, mentored by senior colleagues and taught how to handle the equipment and software; all for free! Best of all, you get 1-to-1 attention from your mentors. That’s definitely better than paying school fees to hear a lecturer address hundreds of students at once.


2. Gain industrial insights with no strings attached

Being an intern is like being on the ground where knowledge about the industry and how it works is all within reach. As an intern, you will get to know the norms, the necessary hardware and working culture of the industry. Moreover, since an intern is only a temporary staff, you get to acquire the knowledge with no strings attached.


3. Perform well and you could secure a job before graduation

You may not realise it, but your full-time job interview and assessment could well start on the first day of your internship. Moreover, since employers have spent the time and effort to show you the ropes and gotten to know your working style, the chances of them hiring you back may be higher. 


4. Internship experience helps to enhance learning in school

Many times, school contents create scenarios to address relevant theories but it may be difficult to understand them. Having the opportunity and experience of applying the concepts in work definitely helps in understanding the textbook knowledge.


5. Find out if the job suits you or not before you embark on your career

There is no better way of knowing whether the job suits you, than to try it out yourself! Information from recruitment campaigns and hearsay about a job can be one-sided and everyone has different preferences, so why not apply for an internship and see if this is what you want to do for you career?

Posted by Li Khee Lim on 6 Mar 2017, 11:49 am
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Li Khee Lim

Li Khee Lim

Year 1 Mechanical Engineering Student in NTU
Champion of Care Community