10 Dec 2012

Reflections for Ipoh and Taiping Through Your Lens Photography Trip

I was extremely delighted when I first received news about the photography trip. When the trip was nearing however, I started to have second thoughts about the trip because I had signed up alone and was afraid that one, I would feel out of place and two, I was too amateur a photographer.


The day arrived and I remember being so thankful that all my silly worries were for nothing. Everyone, including the Travel Photography Instructor Triston Yeo, was friendly and nice! Because everyone was so approachable and helpful, all of us felt really comfortable with each other.


Besides visiting cool spots, eating yummy local delights and basically having loads and loads of fun, it being a photography trip, photography tasks were given to us. All participants had to submit two best pictures that they had taken for the day to Triston, and he would take a look at them before giving us his honest feedback. Being an amateur photographer, I was not confident of my work. I was lost while shooting on the first day of the trip and when it was time for submission, I really dreaded every single moment of it.


However, I have to say that the photo review session surprised me. After seeing beautiful shots by my mates and paying close attention to Triston's feedback, I gained a humble amount of new photography knowledge that night. The hands-on and photo reviews definitely helped me the most.


Day two came and when it was time to shoot, I grew more confident and had much better ideas of what I should and shouldn't do (when shooting). During photo review time, I was definitely less fearful than the night before.


Apart from being really grateful to Triston for his effective teachings, I am sincerely thankful to everyone else I got to know through the trip. Although it was a trip that revolved a lot around photography, I didn't just gain photography skills but also got to eat very well, sleep very well, play a lot and make many wonderful friends.


It was a knowledgeable and fun filled memorable experience. Given the chance to, I will definitely hope to go through the entire trip again.


Posted by Joan Tye on 10 Dec 2012, 11:55 am
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Joan Tye

Joan Tye

Bubbly & Fun-Loving 3rd Year Student from SIM
Participant in "Ipoh and Taiping Through Your Lens" Photography Trip