16 Sep 2016

U Heart: Gratitude on Board

U Heart: Gratitude on Board was an initiative organised by nEbO, and it has a simple yet meaningful concept. Many times, we fail to appreciate the little things around us and show gratitude towards our loved ones and peers. Graciousness and smiles have become gestures that we take for granted and showing kindness is often seen as nothing out of the ordinary. Determined to step out of my comfort zone and to take an active step in going the extra mile to show my appreciation for a specific group of indispensable individuals – our transport operators, I joined Gratitude on Board. Together with a pool of enthusiastic and purpose-driven volunteers, I approached and encouraged members of the public to pen down their well wishes and thoughts to our bus captains and train operators.

I was in awe by the warmth displayed by our Singaporeans! Many of them started scribbling away on our ‘thank you’ cards without any hesitation. I fondly remember this particular commuter sharing with me her positive experiences while taking Bus 130, where the bus captain would continuously bring smiles to the passengers as he greeted them with a cheery attitude each time. What brought me more joy and encouragement was when even tourists and non-Singaporeans stepped forward to be a part of this meaningful initiative.

Along with the well wishes from our commuters and simple snacks that we prepared, we went from room to room in offices and even around the train platforms to thank our wonderful transport operators’ unceasing efforts in going for the extra mile with their charming smiles and sheer positivity to ensure that our rides are always enjoyable. Joined by Brother Melvin Yong, Executive Secretary of the National Transport Workers’ Union (NTWU), we distributed snack packs along with the well wishes penned down by our fellow Singaporeans and friends.

Seeing how astonished yet elated the bus captains and train operators were, my heart swelled with delight and I felt a deep sense of gratefulness and love for this imperative group of people. It was very fruitful and insightful being able to chat with many of the bus captains and transport workers, as they openly shared their working experiences, struggles they faced and the demands of their job scope that not many see. After conversing with them, it really made me realise that it is indeed not easy at all to be a transport operator. When buses are late or train delays occur, the first people we blame are often the bus captains and train drivers. However, we do not see the hard work and hours they put in when they have to drop everything and sacrifice their rest days in order to get the buses and trains running smoothly again. 

I am honestly thankful to have been part of this meaningful event. Their selfless contribution and pure dedication earns my utmost respect. nEbO has always been an inspiring part of my life. With events like these, it has given me the opportunity to learn and grow to become a more understanding, appreciative and empathetic person. One of my greatest joys in life is bringing happiness to those around me. Volunteering is my passion and I urge my fellow peers to take an active step forward in making an impact in the lives’ of others. Come on board with me! :)

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Posted by Javier Wong on 16 Sep 2016, 3:16 pm
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